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“CFO Radio” is a 30 minute monthly radio show with CFOs from public and private companies sharing their innermost thoughts on being a CFO. They explain what it took to become the CFO they are today and the changing role of the CFO. Real life stories highlighting lessons learned and battle scars obtained are uncovered. Not only will this serve to promote the professionalism of the CFOs of Today, those featured in the radio shows will act as role models for the CFOs of tomorrow.

Our Featured Shows

As we continue to expand upon the heads of finance of non-profit organizations being highlighted on CFOradio, we are pleased to have an organization whose focus is one which is not easy to discuss, that of domestic violence.  These organizations often cannot promote themselves because of the security risks for the people they serve.  Partnership … [more]

When it comes to turning a company around, the role of CFO and CEO is often thought to be one of the Captains on the Titanic.  You’re about to hit an iceberg and you may not know how much ice is above water versus hidden below.  You may not be able to assess the potential … [more]

Tune in today for the CFOradio interview with Terry Suttles.  Mr. Suttles has leveraged his more than 30 years of experience in the field of IT in helping numerous Global 1000 companies develop and implement strategies for telecommunications services procurement, relationship management, carrier negotiations.  He s a co-founder of Value Sourcing Group. Listen to Terry … [more]

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