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Interview with Keith Shurbutt: Treasurer of Domestic Violence Non-Profit Discusses The Challenges of a Non-Profit

Keith Shurbutt and Lorraine ChilversAs we continue to expand upon the heads of finance of non-profit organizations being highlighted on CFOradio, we are pleased to have an organization whose focus is one which is not easy to discuss, that of domestic violence.  These organizations often cannot promote themselves because of the security risks for the people they serve.  Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) serves over 18,000 women and children every year and their mission is to end the crime of intimate partner violence and empower its survivors.  While 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetime, it is a much-needed service to support these women, many of whom flee their homes to find safety.  Keith Shurbutt discusses the challenges this organization faces in the current economic recession and the impact on being treasurer.   As Partner of the Audit practice for non-profits, Keith’s focus is to support many non-profit organizations, so he brings a wealth of knowledge.  He discusses non-profit accounting and the differences in accounting from for-profit companies.

Keith also discusses a very interesting aspect facing non-profits – how to raise finances from typical lending sources.  This is a truly in-depth conversation you won’t want to miss!

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Interview with Jim Morris: CEO Discusses His Experiences in Turning Companies Around

 Jim Morris When it comes to turning a company around, the role of CFO and CEO is often thought to be one of the Captains on the Titanic.  You’re about to hit an iceberg and you may not know how much ice is above water versus hidden below.  You may not be able to assess the potential damage done by previous management, especially if they are no longer on the ship.  The turnaround team is a highly skilled group of leaders who come in with the skills to quickly assess the damage and right the ship, determining whether to let it sink or whether to pick up a bucket and start bailing out the water.
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In today’s show Jim Morris, President of Clarity Business Advisors,  discusses his role in helping several unprofitable and sinking companies get back to profitability and on the road to health and recovery.  Listen in as Jim tells us his experiences on how to right the ship.  Today’s interview is a must!
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Interview with Terry Suttles, Senior Partner, Value Sourcing Group

Terry Suttles and Lorraine ChilversTune in today for the CFOradio interview with Terry Suttles.  Mr. Suttles has leveraged his more than 30 years of experience in the field of IT in helping numerous Global 1000 companies develop and implement strategies for telecommunications services procurement, relationship management, carrier negotiations.  He s a co-founder of Value Sourcing Group.

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Interview with Stewart Glendinning: CFO of Molson Coors Discusses How Having Great People Allows Finance to Really Deliver and Make a Difference”

Stewart GlendinningWhat does it take to be a great finance leader?  What does it take to develop and lead a team of highly productive and engaged finance personnel?  That’s what Stewart Glendinning discusses on today’s radio show.  His background was primarily in consulting and he brings aspects of leading people by motivating and developing their skills to help the organization drive its true potential.  He’s worked on multiple continents and brings a vast experience and depth of management to the CFO function he manages today.  What’s also important as a finance leader is creating the right team, so listen in as Stewart tells us his personal philosophy on how finance can benefit from adding depth and breadth to the finance function team, with a true 2-2 succession plan.  This interview will keep you engaged!

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Interview with Rick Patterson: How a CFO Can Hire High Performance Players

Rick Patterson and Lorraine ChilversIn over two years of CFOradio, the best CFOs have advised on many aspects of being a finance leader.  What has become a recurring topic is that of “being a leader” and managing people.  In today’s show, Rick Patterson will discuss measuring how people think, learn and behave and relate that to the role of the CFO, managing finance personnel.  Rick will advise on how you can link information about people’s behavior to easily understand how to make actionable decisions in all aspects of human capital management strategy.  In today’s world of electronic information available at your fingertips, learn how you can use software testing to help your company hire the right person/team, avoiding the expensive decisions of making a bad hire.  Learn as Rick describes the biggest mistakes CFOs and other business leaders make in recruiting.   What’s also important as a finance leader is retaining the staff we have, so listen in as Rick tells us what you need to know to keep your teams happy and motivated.

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Interview with Jim Munson: How Can CFOs Improve The Bottom Line? Reduce Transportation Costs.

Jim MunsonListen in at 5PM on Monday, March 26, 2012 as Jim Munson, President and CEO of Munson International discusses how to improve your company’s bottom line by reducing transportation costs.

Jim Munson is President and CEO of Munson International. He has over 35+ years of providing travel and relocation services thousands of happy clients. Jim’s approach is to remove the client’s stress of domestic and international relocation.

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Interview with Jeff Pearson, CFO, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Jeff PearsonIn today’s show Jeff Pearson discusses his role as CFO of one of the largest providers of healthcare to children.  St. Jude is the only pediatric cancer research center where “No child is ever denied treatment because of the family’s inability to pay.”  Considering the start of this non-profit in 1962 with an annual budget of $1 million, it’s come a long way in its vision to be the world leader in advancing the treatment and prevention of catastrophic diseases in children.  Today, St Jude  hospital requires $1.7 million daily to run its programs.  In 1962, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital opened its doors amid an emotionally charged debate regarding how to treat childhood cancer.  At that time, few children with the most common form of childhood cancer survived, and many physicians believed treatment was futile.  St. Jude physicians and researchers took a radically different approach, and these efforts proved pivotal in changing the way the world treats childhood cancer.  St. Jude is recognized for playing a significant role in improving overall survival rates for childhood cancer, which have increased from 20 percent in 1962 to 80 percent today.

Listen in as Jeff discusses his philosophy to leadership – Purpose, People and Passion.  To run a first-class finance organization, Jeff believes you “Shouldn’t get bogged down in the detail”.  Instead, “Inspire your people, listen to them intently and take the constraints off them so they may flourish.”

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Lorraine Chilvers, CEO of Delaney Consulting LLC, Discusses the Foundations of Ethics

Lorraine ChilversIn today’s show Lorraine Chilvers discusses the foundations of ethics in business from her real-life experiences of 20 years inside Fortune 500 companies.  She discusses her experiences as an executive of WorldCom leading a significant portion of the company’s financial restatement, the largest fraud and bankruptcy in the world. She discusses the foundations of ethics. . . and breaks it down into a framework of three components: “the Law”; “moral standards” and “appropriate behavior”, evaluating each one in turn.  She uses as the basis for this discussion presentations as a guest lecturer to leading universities, including Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.  Some of the anecdotes may surprise you!  Listen in as the host of CFOradio, Lorraine Chilvers, discusses some of the world’s worst examples of leadership and how such forms of leadership can be successful.

Interview with Melissa Beard, CEO, Engineering World Health

Melissa BeardIn today’s show Melissa Beard discusses her passion, a non-profit organization established in 2001 by Doctors Bob Malkin and Mohammad Kiani, with the aim of improving the technological infrastructure in hospitals in the developing world and ensuring access to modern health care.  Today, Engineering World Health (EWH) is the largest organization in the world dedicated to post donation medical equipment repair, maintenance, and training.  Melissa describes the socio-financial impact derived from the organization’s programs in African countries.  EWH’s programs provide an on-the-job educational and working forum for engineering students to travel abroad and provide technology solutions in parts of the world where teaching is not available to the masses.  You will learn how low cost / low tech solutions can benefit technicians and patients in these resource-poor countries.  Listen as Melissa describes how the students can derive highly ingenious solutions even from the most basic of available resources, such as re-tooling a beer bottle lid into a heart-monitor solution.

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Interview with Lorraine Chilvers, CEO, Delaney Consulting, LLC: Top 10 Reasons Systems Implementations Fail

Lorraine ChilversIn today’s show  CFOradio’s host, Lorraine Chilvers, talks about Systems Implementations, the top reasons they fail and lessons learned.  We are using as the basis for this presentation two articles: The first article, “Top 10 Reasons Why Systems Projects Fail,” from, is written by Dr. Paul Dorsey.  The second article “An Investigation of Statutory Internal Control Requirements and Information Flow of the Computer Based Data Processing System at XYZ Ltd,” is written by Lorraine Chilvers.  Listen in as the host of CFOradio, Lorraine Chilvers, discusses her experiences – as steering committee leader and project manager, she has managed technology implementations of SAP, Oracle, Hyperion, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft.